Redbox DVD Rental Integrates with Convenient Mobile Solution

Did you know that the Redbox $1 DVD rental kiosks in front of your Grocery Store (You know, the one next to the other Green Coinstar kiosk) is actually owned by Coinstar?  Did you also know that Redbox DVD rental service has evolved to a point where you can identify the location of a movie in a nearby Redbox and even reserve them online so that you can pick it up on your way home or to the Grocery store?

What is even more impressive is its mobile-app integration allowing customers to find a title by location and reserve and pay for it via mobile on the go.  Redbox App is now available on Android devices and iPhone giving customers access to real-time inventory to over 26,000+ Redbox locations.  The company took a basic kiosk-based solution and have taken it to new heights with a very strong internet/mobile integration.  It makes total sense and just seems like the smart thing to do.  Kudos to Coinstar!

PS. Last bit of fact, Did you know Redbox DVD rental takes coupons? You can sometimes find them on coupon sites for a free rental code.


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