Philips D812 the smart design phone with CDMA and GSM

as you know now Philips playing a good role in mobile phone industry. they recently announced another newest phone, Philips D812. if you need a cool touch screen phone but if you don't have lot's of money to spend, Philips D812 might be your best choice.
this phone has very smart design. the controls keys at the bottom are really awesome. seems like a part of the phone's body. Philips D812 has a 3.2 inch resistive touchscreen. it has an accelerometer sensor to rotate screen orientation. this phone has handwriting recognition feature which allows you to type text messages easily.
the internal memory of this phone is 130Mb and it supports up to 8GB memory cards. also Philips D812 comes with 2GB memory card included.
another very special thing of Philips D812 is it supports both CDMA and GSM. but video calling only works with CDMA. Philips D812 has a 3.15MP camera and a VGA front camera. the camera supports Geo tagging feature. Philips D812 has a good GPS receiver and the maps application is google maps. it has wi-fi and bluetooth but HSDPA is not available.


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