What a wonderful Second Life!

Yesterday I had one of the most magical days in my Second Life thanks to some really great people and a bit of magic coincidence. I haven't had much of Second Life lately due to different first life obligations, so yesterday I had a great chance to do some catching up, and I was really reminded of why I still believe in the potentials of Second Life. Mostly, I was once again reminded of the unique way in which Second Life is able to bring people from all over together.

First, I meet up again with Eyebeams Electricteeth (of Learn 4 Life), who has great ambitions and plans to make SL more popular among UK educators (and also abroad) and is working on some interesting projects in SL (you'll probably hear more about that in the next months).

Unfortunately, he had some other things to do, so I moved on and asked to meet Desi somewhere, as we haven't seen each other in ages (my fault). After mentioning that I still don't have any place in SL, Desi kindly offered to let me use some space in their new Literature Alive! HQ on Eduisland II. So, we went to check out the place (2nd floor), Desi brought in a couch (with one really funny sitting pose ;) ), and we started talking. She also invited KJ Hax over, who invited Any Ixchel, and what happened was real serendipity. Later on we were also joined by Corwin Carillon, Eloise Pasteur, and Butch Dee, and we had a really inspiring discussion. We talked about Second Life in general, avatars, identity, and we also shared some useful SL tools (thanks for the tip about the MystiTool HUD! It's just amazing!). It was a real pleasure meeting you all!
After the discussion Anya, Desi, and I went to do a bit of gadget shopping. Soon Anya's friend Aiji Ducatillon joined us, and we went to Anya's place to do some hang gliding, and playing with toys (Aiji thanks for the ride and the massage; Anya thanks for the giraffes and the cats! :) ). It was a lot of fun, and I surely hope we can do this again sometime (I'm glad I now have some friends from down under I can hang out with in EU friendly times :) ).

I spent rest of the day in my new "office" space Desi has kindly offered to me. I brought in a big and comfy couch, a cookie and coffee giving table (just touch it :) ), and an info point that can tell you whether I'm online or offline and will open my blog when touched. I hope you'll all come to visit me sometime (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland%20II/196/219/47), and that we'll be able to have more serendipitous moments in that space. Feel free to use the couch any time, and don't forget to invite your friends over! :)

Come over any time


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