Sales of Windows Phone 7 OS touches 1.5 million

Microsoft has reported that within six weeks of launch of Windows Phone 7 (WP7)mobile phone OS, its sales have touched the 1.5 million mark. Windows Phone 7 fromMicrosoft was launched for nine different handsets in the month of October. According to Andrew Lees, enterprise chief of Microsoft UK, the launch of the Windows Phone 7 operating system is mainly to simplify the use of mobile phones.

The vice president for mobile communication business and marketing group, Achim Berg said that they are pleased that the manufacturers of phone were able to sell 1.5 million phones during the first six week after launch. This helps in developing retail presence and customer momentum.
Berg also added that WP7 was developed very similar to other first generation mobile phone platforms. He also added that they will certainly gain the momentum and will surely be in the long run. He said that further updates to WP7 will be developed and released in a few months.
Some reports also reveal that Nokia may abandon MeeGo inorder to develop hardware that supports Microsoft’s WP7.


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