Vodafone UK gets smart metering award

vodafone logo1 Vodafone UK gets smart metering award
UK has recently won the first smart metering award during the inaugural European Smart Metering Awards, which was a part of the industry’s annual UK and Europe Summit. This function was held in London last week.

the deployment of mobile data services in large scale.
Vodafone was selected for the award as it was a strong communications partner in the area of smart metering industry. Various factors that were taken in to account for the award selection were innovative technology, Vodafone’s network, secure data transfer and collection, capability and skills of its people. Various mobile phone networks are being introduced in to the industry and this has ultimately given an opportunity for the wide selection.
According to the Enterprise Director of Vodafone UK, Peter Kelly, the awards that are given out show the importance of smart metering in the United Kingdom. He also added that they are happy that the smart meter deployment in the UK has been enabled as a result of the award winning network and for the role they do.
Peter Kelly further added that the mobile data network connectivity was initially started up by Vodafone for smart metering purpose. This will help the customers to manage the energy in a better way and get a bill exactly for the energy they have used.
The Smart Metering Awards and the Smart Metering UK and Europe Summit study and understand the objectives and trends and also the latest developments that face UK based gas, electricity and water utilities. The awards also act as recognition for the innovators who play a determining role in improving the industry standards.


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